Sunday, November 22, 2009

S r A i

sprti title di ats, SRAI means S-sekolah R-rendah A-agama Integrasi.. my primary school.. sabtu lepas ade bwat alumni.. batch f2 x rmi yg dtg.. sedey r.. sob3.. neway.. here's some picture:

4rm left, azwa [skola jln 3], nisa [MRSM.. ex-maahad], hidayah and azza [skola jln 3]

dayah and khaulah [sambez]

geng bola jaring.. dpt second place je..hahah.. men pki sandal.. ade ke ptt.. hahah.. tp mmg enjoy r.. byk aktiviti ade.. gamebooth, telematch, explorace, dan mcm2 lg.. so, kpd ex-srai yg x dtg tu.. mmg rugi..!

tepi padanggg..

so, rasenye tu je la gambanye.. byk lg tp mls nk upload bbyk..
balik tu tumpang khaulah...[like her name] hahah.. mmg sporting r family die... tp dlm kete tu sume speking arab.. hahah... fhm cket2 la...

senanye byk mende nk tulis.. tp mls r nk type pjg2.. sowi ep.. tp mmg best sgt2 jmpe kwn2 lame.. yg x bestnye, x semua lah yg jumpe..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sweet memories with THEM...

Actually i have a problem with this com. yeah.. that's why lately I didn't post any post yet..  this year memories was so precious to me.. so many to mention in here.. wonderfull of Mahiss..
thanks a lot about everything... here, I have some detail about my friends..
  • anith: funny, adoreble, masuk air, bus partner.. hahaa..
  • laila&laily a.k.a wa&yan: twins and different personality.. it's lot 2 explain here so I just list a few of it.. laila was like rushy, sweet, stylish and loveable.. laily was like happy.. even sometimes she's not in mood but she always smile..
  • hanan: emo, quiet but when she talks, it always make me laugh... haha..


Amirah Husna: sweet, open minded, funny, clever.. [my partner!!]
Aina: cute, intelligent, hmm.. what else?? GEMPAK... hahaa..
Hazwani: very good friend... intelligent of course..
ND a.k.a ND cute!!: CUTE, clever, masuk air, merepek.. lately she often in class.. myb she just busy with her duty as PRS..

Alia muhajir: PKT mithali.. cun, ceria always and... garang.. hahaha gurau je..

batchku: hmm... sgt3.. bez.. well most of it lah..

kpd akak2 nad cikgu2 , termasuk cikgu praktikal...thanks coz teaching me a lot...

to everyone in Mahiss...thanks about everything... and.. forgive me if I had make mistakes..